SuccessMasters is proud to launch its new Customer Service Workshop Series for 2014


Tired of the same old 'near enough is good enough' attitude from your staff? Customers complaining about lack lustre service?

Bring back good customer service with our new satisfaction-based training program,


What's Your Problem?

WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM looks beyond the face of customer service and into what goes on 'behind the counter'.

What do you need to know about this workshop?

It’s time sensitive – Short, sharp, interactive 3 hour workshops designed to maximize your team’s availability and downtime.

It’s immediately applicable in the workplace - Each attendee will receive relevant training materials and real world techniques that can immediately be used in the work place.

It’s all about Customer Service self-management – we’ll teach you people to be responsible for their own customer interactions and thereby increase their productivity and that of the company.

Happy responsible people consistently striving to drive profits up by bringing customers through your doors…That’s sounds good doesn’t it?

Customers dying to part with their money because your service is legendary…well, that’s something that might be worth investing in, wouldn’t you agree?

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Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man ~ Benjamin Franklin

What is SuccessMasters all about?

We specialise in Corporate and Personal Training and Development focus.  Good customer service comes from investing in happy, well-trained staff. We can help you achieve your business success with training programs tailor-made for your team.

All our programs are tailored on a client by client basis with nothing coming 'off the shelf.' We feel this is one of our Unique Selling Points as well as the fact that we are a husband and wife team – Michele looks after behaviour, Rory looks after the mind!

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