What you say is what you get
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Monday Motivator

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Monday Motivator

Many people “language” themselves into situations and circumstances.

To find out about the limiting beliefs you have in your unconscious mind, look at the things that come out of your mouth. If you constantly criticise, you have critical thoughts in your mind. If you constantly complain, you have complaining thoughts in your mind, and so it goes.

When you verbalise negative comments, you attract negativity to your life like a magnet. For example, if you constantly whinge or make derogatory comments about a particular person or customer, imagine how your interaction with that particular individual will be each time – not very productive at all. On the other hand, if you pushed all negative comments out of your mind and questioned your personal language - imagine the quality of your interaction this time.

In other words - “What you say is what you get!”

Another important thing to remember is that when you choose a response to any situation based upon what you value and want to achieve, instead of your mood at the time or other people's actions and words, you become proactive and “in control”. In other words, not a “victim”!

If you want to achieve Customer Service Excellence, stop telling customers what you can’t do – change your language and tell them what you can do instead. Think of it this way - when a customer has a particular request, which you would normally answer “No” to, change your thinking and your language and tell that customer all the positive things you will do instead. It’s an incredibly simple formula – it’s the implementing that needs work!

Our challenge to you this week is to really look at all those words that come tumbling out of your mouth.

You’ve got to say it how you want it – that’s the trick!

Until our next Motivator – we all wish you well in life.

Michele, Rory, and Karen 

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