Leadership Development Coaching Program

"Change Your Life - Forever"

A Powerful “One On One” Medium That Can Have A Real Domino Effect On The Quality Of Your Professional And Personal Life.

The Leadership Development Coaching Program is a tool to initiate and maintain the relationship necessary to create leaders from leaders.  With dedication from both the coach and the coachee, this Program will guide the relationship through various steps to ensure it follows the right path.  When coupled with a Hogan assessment, TriMetrix assessment or an Emotional Quotient profile, the Leadership Development Coaching Program will help the leaders of today develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Research has identified 5 Key Personal Skills that are found in all true leaders:

  • Influencing Others
  • Personal Accountability
  • Self‐ManagementGoal
  • Achievement
  • Interpersonal Skills

With this research in mind our Leadership Development Program has been designed.  The five qualities discovered by the research make up the basis of each of the programs five modules.

The Leadership Development Coaching Program includes:

  • Support materials in the form of a coaching kit for each participant
  • Ongoing email and telephone support from a personal coach
  • Online access to project components
  • Developmental assessment activities, training and tasks
  • Formal tracking and evaluation by your coach
  • Research books
  • Hogan, TriMetrix or EQ report and debrief for each participant
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Participants will gain:

  • Greater self confidence and self esteem
  • Leadership growth beyond their comfort zone
  • Personalised education geared toward specific needs
  • Preparation for advancement
  • Broadened team building skills
  • Increased organisational and people awareness
  • Increased self awareness for continued & sustainable success
  • Increased productivity
  • Vision and counsel from a personal mentor
  • Constructive feedback and critical analysis

This leadership program is a solid, stand-alone tool that can also be tailored to meet your specific needs and situation. It can easily be incorporated into any Success Coaching or Mentoring plan you choose as well as into your company’s current personal development strategy.

Identifying and developing the potential within a company is undoubtedly considered the best practice in preparing for a successful future.  The business world is aware of the importance tomorrow’s leaders have on a sustainable future.

Download Leadership Development Coaching Program Material

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Leadership Development Coaching Program helps guide the individual to improve their leadership skills. It incorporates profiling or assessment tools.Participants will gain increased productivity, self awareness, greater self confidence and leadership growth.