These workshops are a "must" for any dealership that needs immediate results. The benefits include...

  • Programs are written by people that have held positions of Sales Consultants, Sales Managers & General Managers in dealerships for those roles within the dealership.
  • Presenters are no nonsense people in getting results from dealership teams and individuals.
  • Very different from "Manufacturer Training" in that it teaches real skills for real situations
  • Goes deeper than any training modules in existence takes into account Behavioral profiles of individual and gains them insight into why & how other team members and customers are behaving the way they are and teaching real skills in how to read & deal with this - resulting in higher closing ratios and happier clients/teams.
  • We are not a wham bam thank you mam training company - our philosophy is to continue the follow up with your teams and our further programs will show you this, bringing with them measurable systems to see the results.
  • Follow-up is our creed.


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For further information and bookings call Michele Nash on 0418 221 243  or Tanya Cavanagh on 0412 300 850 

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Sales Assist Workshops exclusively designed for the auto-industry.