Looks At HOW Individuals Prefer To Behave And Communicate


The DISC behavioural system is one of the most commonly used assessment systems in business today.  The Success Insights version of DISC boasts a sophisticated online delivery system that produces personalised feedback.

The DISC model is perfect for:

  • Sales
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Management/Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Development programs
  • Recruitment Purposes
  • Profiling Positions to create a “Behavioural Benchmark”

Available in many versions to suit your needs:

Management, Sales,  Customer Service, Team Building, Work Environment, Relationship Insights, Executive, Learning, Family Version, Interviewing Insights/Recruitment (Sales and General

The reports are available in 24 or 10 pages, the latter being specifically designed for recruitment purposes. They can also be generated in over 20 languages.

DISC Support Material

Success Discovery Action Plan (SDP) is a structured action guide that will help you put the DISC Report to work. Enriched with pictures, practical steps, and an easy to read layout, this document has been designed as both a facilitated and/or a self directed process of unfolding ones potential, as well as applying to one’s personal and professional life.

This powerful document comes to you FREE OF CHARGE when you order your DISC profiles. Treat yourself today – You’ll be amazed at what you “DISC over” with DISC!

DISC Material
We have available state of the art DISC material that you can easily purchases:
  • Workbooks
  • Handouts
  • Activities
  • PowerPoint
  • Facilitators Guide

DISC Accreditation  - Level 1 and Level 2

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Download DISC Material
Icon Name Size (Kb)
Understanding_DISC_Colour.pdf 77
DISC_in_Leadership.pdf 79
DISC_Information_Sheet.pdf 453
DISC_Accreditation_Outline.pdf 972
DISC_Behavioural_Package_Outine.pdf 678

Example Reports

Icon Name Size (Kb)
DISC_Customer_Service_Sample_Report.pdf 580
DISC_Interviewing_Insights_-_General_Sample_Report.pdf 543
DISC_Interviewing_Insights_-_Sales_Sample_Report.pdf 543
DISC_Management_Staff_Sample_Report.pdf 649
DISC_Sales_Sample_Report.pdf 646
DISC_Team_Building_Sample_Report.pdf 606
DISC_Team_Sample_Report.pdf 847

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