Measures An Individual’s Emotional Intelligence

One of the fundamental skills of highly effective people is the ability to make the right decision.  Our emotions have a powerful influence on the quality of our thinking and decision making.  Our ability to think clearly determines our capacity to use our natural talents and skills.  Considering performance is usually defined and judged by behaviours, being able to manage our emotions becomes more important.

The EQ assesses the individual in five key areas:
  • Self Awareness ‐ the ability to recognise and understand moods, emotions or drivers and their effects on others.
  • Self Regulation ‐ the ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods.
  • Motivation ‐ a passion to work on and pursue goals with energy and persistence.
  • Empathy ‐ the ability to understand others and the skill to treat people according to their emotional reactions.
  • Social Skills ‐ proficiency in managing relationships, building networks and the ability to build rapport.

The higher the score a person gets, the higher his/her level of emotional intelligence will be. Taking advantage of this learning opportunity can increase a person’s effectiveness up to 122%.

The Emotional Quotient model is perfect for:
  • Making a person more aware of their own feelings and emotions as well as those of other, thus allowing you to be more engaged effective and productive.
  • Empowering a person to understand their emotional Intelligence.
  • Helping a person to avoid making high risk decisions without understanding how emotions are influencing the choice.

If you want to take responsibility for your own emotions plus have the ability to coach others toward positive emotions and outcomes - Then this is the solution that you are after!

Emotional Quotient Support Material

EQuest – Emotional Intelligence. It is essential that when the Emotional Quotient profile has been completed that there is a means for ‘putting it to work’.  The EQuest is a structured action guide that will do just that!  Enriched with pictures, practical steps, and an easy to read layout, this document has been designed as both a facilitated and/or a self directed process of unfolding ones potential, as well as applying to one’s personal and professional life.

This powerful document comes to you FREE OF CHARGE when you order your Emotional Quotient profiles - Treat yourself today – you’ll be amazed at what you discover.


Emotional Quotient Material

We have available state of the art Emotional Quotient material that you can easily purchases:

  • Workbooks (Over 250 page choices)
  • Handouts
  • Activities
  • PowerPoint
  • Facilitators Guide
Emotional Quotient Accreditation

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Download EQ Material

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Example Reports

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