Looks At HOW A Person Prefers To Behave And Communicate And  WHY A Person Is Driven Into Action


The Insights Series was created to combine the power of DISC and Workplace Motivators in the recruitment, development and management of people.  The Insights Series looks at an individual’s behaviour style, as well as their unique motivators or values.

This unique combo report can be used as an effective:
  • Recruitment Tool - When recruiting for any role it is important that a decision is made on as much information as possible.  This tool can assist hiring managers determine how well a person will “fit” the role, as well as why and how these people tend to act.
  • Development Tool – The Insight Series can assist in understanding and developing new and existing employees as it can determine what makes each person different, and how those differences create strengths and limitations.
The Insights Series is perfect for:
  • Personal and professional development
  • Increasing communication and understanding
  • Profiling positions and matching candidates to them
  • Creating more effective teams and relationships
  • Understanding/adapting motivation and management styles to suite each individual
Insight Series Combo Profile Support Material

Success Discovery Action Plan (SDP) is a structured action guide that will help you put the Insight Series Report to work. Enriched with pictures, practical steps, and an easy to read layout, this document has been designed as both a facilitated and/or a self directed process of unfolding ones potential, as well as applying to one’s personal and professional life.

This powerful document comes to you FREE OF CHARGE when you order your Insight Series profiles - Treat yourself today!


Insight Series Combo Profile Material

We have available state of the art Insight Series Combo Report material that you can easily purchases:

  • Workbooks
  • Handouts
  • Activities
  • PowerPoint
  • Facilitators Guide

Download Insight Series Combo Report Material

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