Looks At An Individual’s Unique Way Of Thinking And WHAT Personal Attributes A Person Has At Their Disposal

The Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI) is based on the formal science of Axiology. Axiology uses robust and accurate mathematics to objectively determine how one's mind analyses situations and experiences.

The PTSI assesses how a person views the world around them, and how they view themselves within it.  It can identify WHAT natural or 'raw’ talent an individual brings to an organisation or situation. This instrument measures a person's focus within (67) personal attributes that are directly applicable to the business environment.

Assesses clarity and focus in three separate dimensions of thought:
  1. Systemic: Definitions, structure and order
  2. Extrinsic: Comparisons, practicality and usefulness
  3. Intrinsic: Feelings, emotions and individuality
The Personal Talent Skills Inventory is perfect for:
  • Understanding different peoples natural talents
  • Uncovering hidden talents at your teams disposal
  • Making more informed hiring decisions
  • Increasing job satisfaction and retention
  • Applying individual strengths and managing around limitations

The PTSI can contribute successfully to a number of business processes requiring effective talent management.  Targeted reports are available to identify key talents required in a number of business positions, including general employment, management, sales management, sales and customer service.

NOTE: This tool is only available for purchase.  Support Materials are available on request and certification for this instrument is part of the TriMetrix 1 Certification process

DownLoad PTSI Material

Icon Name Size (Kb)
PTSI_Information_Sheet.pdf 459
PTSI_Profile_Overview.pdf 375

Example Reports

Icon Name Size (Kb)
PTSI_Customer_Service_Sample_Report.pdf 481
PTSI_Leadership_Management_Sample_Report.pdf 489
PTSI_Sales_Sample_Report.pdf 473
PTSI_Sales_Management_Sample_Report.pdf 491

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