The Most Comprehensive Selection, Development And Management Tool In The World


TriMetrix is the latest and most sophisticated assessment tool ever released on the market.  The profile is a combination of 3 tools in 1 which truly does make it the most in depth insight you can gain into a person from an assessment.

Feedback is provided in three areas of a person that describe:
  1. WHAT personal talents they have…
  2. WHY they will move into action…
  3. HOW that will be displayed on the surface….

This is accomplished through an unbiased assessment of behaviours, the values that motivate people to action, and their potential to provide the personal skills.

The TriMetrix Assessment incorporates:
  1. DISC
  2. Workplace Motivators
  3. Personal Talents Inventory

These three tools by themselves have proven to be very powerful.  When bought together to form TriMetrix, the profile reveals the most comprehensive and in‐depth understanding that has ever been possible of an individual.  To take this further, the practical nature of the feedback provided makes TriMetrix an effective tool for individuals, managers and teams.

Talent is the priority in today’s organisations.  The two keys to utilising this asset to its fullest potential are in understanding talent and finding effective methods to measure it.

The TriMetrix model is perfect for:
  • Recruiting
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Improvement
  • Managing People
  • Providing organisations with a powerful business tool to move ahead in the race for top talent.

With all of the components in the TriMetrix System, this powerful tool ensures that you hire, develop and retain top talent.

TriMetrx Support Material

The RX CD Development System Use the information in the TriMetrix to prescribe development activities specific to a person’s role


TriMetric Pep Talk It is essential that when the TriMetrix profile has been completed that there is a means for ‘putting it to work’.  The TriMetrix PEP Talk is a structured action guide that will do just that! – Turn Potential to Results.

Enriched with pictures, practical steps, and an easy to read layout, this document has been designed as both a facilitated and/or a self directed process of unfolding ones potential, as well as applying to one’s personal and professional life.

TriMetrix Accreditation

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Download TriMetrix Material

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Example Reports

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TriMetrix_Personal_Sample_Report.pdf 193
TriMetrix_Coaching_General_Sample_Report.pdf 909
TriMetrix_Coaching_Executive_Sample_Report.pdf 1046

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