There are several stages to creating and implementing a position benchmark:

SetupTo complete a position benchmark we need to do several things like identifying the subject matter experts (SME), setting up meetings and explaining the process to those that will be involved.

Creating the Benchmark This step involves exploring the job requirements and getting these clear.  Each SME will respond to a questionnaire about the role and we will combine their responses to create an average (or the position benchmark).

Compare the People/BenchmarkThis stage is about putting the benchmark into action by comparing the people (new or existing) to the job.

Coaching and DevelopmentUsing the information from the comparison we can create individual development plans and prescribe development materials to allow people to perform at their absolute best.

Setup Ongoing ProcessTo assist managers get the most from a position benchmark it is important to set up simple processes for maximising the investment including a process for use in recruitment, development and management of people within the business.

The Position Benchmarking process allows us to remove our own bias to what makes a superior performer and focus purely on the job.  This allows for more informed hiring decisions that ultimately saves time, money and energy in the recruitment, development and retention of great people.

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