Looks At WHY A Person Moves Into Action

How can the right people be placed into the right jobs and be motivated to achieve more for the organisation?  The answer to this question can be found in one’s values.  Our values are the driving force behind our actions.  By understanding and applying this principle everyone can achieve more and greater success.

The Workplace Motivators examines what drives people to action, as well as where they tend to spend their time and invest their resources.  Since people are motivated by what they value most, by understanding a person's values we can uncover or illuminate their hidden motivators.

Personalised feedback is provided in the following core areas:
  • Theoretical the drive to understand truth and systemise knowledge
  • Utilitarian the drive for money and return on investment
  • Aesthetic the drive for beauty, form and harmony
  • Social the drive to help others
  • Individualistic the drive to lead and be different
  • Traditional the drive to search for and find the highest meaning of life 

Each of these drivers is a lens that we look through as we experience different things, people and situations.  These lenses will determine whether we see that thing, person or situation as uplifting, energising, indifferent or de-motivating.

The Workplace Motivator model is perfect for:

  • Recruitment – Understanding a person’s “fit” in the culture and what will motivate them.
  • Managers and Leaders to gain maximum performance from others.
  • Sustaining a Positive Work Environment/Increasing Moral/Fading Motivation.
  • Incentive Plans or situations where people are not excited about their jobs.
  • Profiling positions to create a “culture/rewards benchmark” of the role, known as the Jobs Energising People Profile.

Workplace Motivators Support Material

Success Discovery Action Plan (SDP) is a structured action guide that will help you put the Workplace Motivators Report to work. Enriched with pictures, practical steps, and an easy to read layout, this document has been designed as both a facilitated and/or a self directed process of unfolding ones potential, as well as applying to one’s personal and professional life.

This powerful document comes to you FREE OF CHARGE when you order your Workplace Motivators profiles - Treat yourself today – You’ll be amazed at your motivators.

Workplace Motivators Material

We have available state of the art Workplace Motivators material that you can easily purchases:

  • Workbooks (Over 250 page choices)
  • Handouts
  • Activities
  • PowerPoint
  • Facilitators Guide
Workplace Motivators Accreditation

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Example Reports

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