Our Training Methodology

Our program design methodology incorporates accelerated learning strategies, application of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and experiential learning where applicable. Concepts must make logical sense and build on previous or existing knowledge. At the same time learning can and should be interactive and FUN!

By tailoring the training specifically for the target audience, we can ensure content is relevant and all examples, case studies or scenarios are grounded in a real world context.

All SuccessMasters programs are designed and delivered within the context of adult learning concepts including; relevance, spaced learning, and feature a strong practical element which we call rehearsal (just don’t mention the word role-play!).

SuccessMasters training is interactive with a practical hands on ‘how to do it’ approach.  There is plenty of opportunity to practice new skills and participants learn whilst having an enormous amount of fun.  This methodology has been proven to empower staff to implement the skills they’ve learned.

SuccessMasters, The Training & Coaching Specialists