We will put together a "Discovery" Package to suit you!

These are completely flexible and are specfically designed to tackle YOUR challenging areas.  Whether it is Teamwork, Customer Service, Motivation, Development, Recruitment, or something completely different that you are interested in.....

Your needs will determine:
  • The content that should be incorporated into the workshop.
  • If our assessment tools should be incorporated into the package and if so which one.
  • The length of the workshop.
This workshop will give participants:
  • A greater understanding of self, individual importance and impact on their team as well as staff and customers.
  • A unique way of really cementing organisational synergy.
  • Increased trust and honesty within the whole company/department/division.
  • Skills to reduce interpersonal conflict and misunderstanding.
  • An understanding of people’s different reactions to situations, interactions and information for greater personal and business prosperity and achievement.
  • Identification strategies to uncover other people’s true motivators to determine what drives them into action and behaviour the way they do.
At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Identify personal and preferred communication styles of others.
  • Increase their communication skills on a more consistent basis.
  • Manage internal & external relationships more effectively.
  • Implement better communication strategies within the organisation and department.
  • Learn simple and effective techniques to improve communication across the entire organisation.
  • Manage people more effectively for greater business prosperity.
  • Motivate employees to sell, manage, service and/or connect with customers.
  • Manage their own emotions to achieve more positive outcomes.
All EXCLUSIVELY Designed To Compliment Your Organisation!

Download "Discovery" Package Outline

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