Welcome to Ye Olde SuccessMasters Shoppe. We have 4 categories that you can browse at your leisure:

Books – A terrific collection of books written by world famous speaker and trainer Doug Malouf. Topics include:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Training Skills
  • Real Estate

We also have books on marketing & sales by other authors as well as the hugely popular “The Secret”& “The Secret Gratitude Journal”

Digital Media – again, thanks to the brilliance of Doug Malouf, we have 2 superb CD packs for your consideration:

  • How to sell stacks & stacks of anything
  • How to deliver great & dynamic presentations

We also have “The Secret” DVD available – if you haven’t seen it yet; please grab yourself a copy as it is remarkably uplifting to say the least.

Photography – We proudly present original works by our CEO Rory Nash – he chose the quotes for each picture, however they can be changed to anything you may want.

Other – If you are a user of the amazing DISC Profiling System or you are considering using DISC in your organisation, this is a must have tool for everyone. Designed by Trevor O’Sullivan of DTS and our own Michele Nash, it has everything the DISC student needs to reinforce learnings and information. It also includes the amazing “5 Question Strategy”© - the blueprint for recognizing and identifying the different DISC behaviours, every time.

Happy Browsing!

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