Michele Nash

Head of Behavioural & Psychometric

Assessment & Resident Hypnotherapist

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Owner of SuccessMasters, Michele has a blue ribbon training reputation that is well known in Australia and overseas.  With over 20 years in the business, Michele is the team’s specialist in behaviour and psychometric assessment and resident Hypnotherapist.

Michele is a certified Professional Behavioural & Values Analyst and a Certified Professional TriMetrix Analyst – one of the Australian foundation facilitators working with the latest coaching tool available worldwide called TriMetrix.

She is Practitioner of NLP & Time Line Therapy© and a Certified Master Hypnotherapist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

In her private hypnotherapy practise, Michele focuses on what you want to create in your life through the natural process of Hypnosis assisting you to alter your current limiting belief through suggestions consistent with your values.

Together, you and Michele can change the way your mind experiences your view of the world in such areas as stress, anxiety, ideal weight, phobias, motivation, smoking, and pain control. She will help you achieve the things you have always wanted out of your life.

So if you would like to wake up tomorrow feeling empowered, in control, and free from all that scary stuff that’s been holding you back, contact Michele today on +61418 221 243 and find out how together you both can rock your world!

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