What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is a highly effective and rapid means of releasing the hidden potential of people, and helping you reach your goals and objectives more quickly than you ever thought possible.

SuccessMasters is proud to offer you 3 distinctive coaching methods

In our 3 models of coaching, each coach creates a relationship that endeavours to bring about an awakening which reflects your greatness and enables you to transform to higher than realised levels of existence and create a more fulfilling, more meaningful future.

Transformational Coaching is all about rebuilding your personal and professional strategies. Like all coaching it’s a collaborative endeavour between coach & coachee to assist the latter to reach their goals in their context.  

Transformational Coaching

Introducing the SuccessMasters Coaching Team and their personal coaching philosophy in their own words

Michele Nash, NLP Master Coach & TTISI Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst 

“In everything we do, we possess the desire for excellence.

Understanding neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) can help you achieve excellence in your life, no matter what you desire. It requires a disciplined approach to communication and to personal and professional development. Through NLP coaching, you can become that person who thinks differently.

I use our Multi-Science assessments so that you can gain further insight into yourself and how you are perceived by others. Once there is authentic self-awareness, appreciation and understanding of others follows rapidly and the communication highway flows easily. Our reports provide better options for training, more comprehensive information, and more “ah-ha” moments.

My mission is to inspire you to find real and tangible solutions in your life by helping you transform yourself into the person you want to be.

It’s all about getting people to see themselves differently and thereby enhance and transform their environment.”


Michele Nash


Rory Nash

Rory Nash, Mind Coach, University Qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist

“I am committed to your personal and professional development and you can expect results such as greater energy and productivity, greater happiness, enthusiasm, satisfaction, and success.

I will assist you to access and develop your personal resources to facilitate your growth and to overcome the obstacles that block your path. I will challenge you, I will push you, and I will always respect you. I will not respect your problem!

Remember- every time you look outside of yourself for a solution to a problem you are experiencing, you are ALWAYS looking in the wrong place. I will help you take a fearless inventory of your inner self.  

My mission put simply, is to show you how to achieve your greatest success, one goal at a time.”


Karen Stent, Workplace Coach and Wellness Facilitator

“The culture of an organisation reflects the values and behaviours of its employees.  In order to create positive change within a workplace it is crucial that the values and behaviours of staff are in alignment with the organisations values. 

 Culture is "Organic'and grows and evolves over time, it also needs to be cultivated regularly like a garden to ensure the continued health of the company.  For lasting organisational change however.....you must engage people from both the Head and the Heart. 

 As a workplace coach and wellness facilitator, I have found that the key motivating factor to developing people is; not to light a fire beneath them....but light a fire within them and help them see their true potential.”  

Karen Stent

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