SuccessMasters, the Transformation Specialists, offer a variety of exciting and highly interactive training solutions to suit any organisation and budget. 

Using the latest NLP strategies and concepts as well as several other interactive training methodologies, SuccessMasters stands apart because they use these exciting skills to further enhance the training experience for each participant.

Rory, Michele, and Karen come from an extensive media and performance background, which results in the fact, that when people use SuccessMasters, they are entertained and educated at the same time. “We believe learning needs to be fun!”

SuccessMasters unique approach to training


What makes us unique?

  • We offer a broad range of the latest Multi-Science Assessment tools as stand-alone tools or as part of our “DISC-covery” workshops
  • Our programs are purpose built to ensure relevance to you and your people
  • We can train your people online. Face to face training is also available. The choice is yours – the results we promise and will get for you are the same!



Our programs fall under the following 3 categories:

  • “DISC-covery” workshops for Team Members -
    Produce powerful productive people who can communicate efficiently and joyfully on all levels.
  • “DISC-covery” workshops for Leaders -
    Produce powerful creative Leaders who are willing to inspire and bring out the best in others.
  • “Get Hooked on FISH! workshops -
    Transform your culture, transform your workforce, and transform your Leaders with the most influential philosophy available in the world today!


FISH! logoMind Resources is the master licensee for FISH! Training in Australia and New Zealand.

Michele Nash of SuccessMasters NSW Pty Ltd is a Mind Resources Certified Master Trainer and authorised by Mind Resources to run licensed FISH! Training.

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Michele Nash

SuccessMasters Master Trainer is Michele Nash

Michele’s first passion is training and as far as trainers go, she’s up there with the best of them. Bullet proofed as an NLP Trainer by Master Trainers Tad & Adriana James from the Tad James Company, Michele’s skills in a training room become really evident as she weaves her magic inspiring and empowering people to excellence.

She expects your staff to be magnificent – she gets immediate results and thrives on seeing her students reach heights they never dreamed they could. She focuses on producing productive people at every given moment and her engagement skills in a training environment whether online or face to face are quite frankly second to none. Michele is equally comfortable working with several hundred people as she is with small intimate group work

Michele also lives and breathes the world famous FISH! Philosophy on a daily basis and continues to facilitate the hugely successful FISH! for Leaders and Empowering through FISH! workshops and programs in Australia and New Zealand There is no one on the planet more experienced or successful in bringing this philosophy into workplace relevance for the clients she has dealt with over the years.”

Her equal passion is the newly developed Multi-Science Assessment tools. Extensively trained by world expert Trevor O’Sullivan, General Manager and owner of TTI Success Insights Australia, Michele brings an extra-ordinary fresh and honest approach to her debriefs and ensures that her “DISC-covery” workshops are totally interactive and fun-filled. She is fascinated by behaviour and the patterns that people create in their realities. She totally supports the effectiveness and necessity of using these tools in developing and encouraging people to release their inner greatness. 

Michele’s uniqueness is also in her dedication to your and your outcomes. Once a project has been approved, Michele gets fully immersed in your company values, history, culture, and your people. She endeavours to gain as much knowledge prior to the training event and demonstrates uncanny abilities to incorporate “company speak” and ideals throughout the training experience. Attendees often believe she has been working in their environment for years!

 Michele Nash Qualifications


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DISC-covery Workshop Outline 2014

DISC-covery Workshop Outline 2014 (268Kb)

Get Hooked on FISH!

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