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SuccessMasters International with Michele Nash and Karen StentHi everyone!

2020 so far has been an interesting time to say the least for us all. Life as we all know it has been thrown up in the air and we're still waiting to see where some of it lands or how it will affect us long term when things start to settle! What I do know is that for me, it has provided a golden opportunity for change and refocus which has proven to be personally enriching as well as challenging.

As most of you probably know, SuccessMasters has been that familiar constant at my side for well over 25 years now, always evolving over the years to meet the demands of our precious clientele. I can’t tell you the amount of times Rory and I reinvented ourselves over our long careers! I can tell you that there was always a method in our madness and it just seemed to work for us.

So wonderful people, I'm thrilled to announce that together with my New Zealand Business Partner and long-time friend Karen Stent, we have joined forces to continue the SuccessMasters journey with the creation of our newly formed company SuccessMasters International.

Mindful of the changing needs of the world now, we have decided that our focus will be solely on personal branding for career success. Our intention is to empower individuals to reinvent and future proof their personal brand for career advancement. Our mission is to help you “stand out from the crowd” in your career direction.

My personal mission has always been to help people communicate better and that will never change. Karen's expertise in HR, recruitment, and working with skilled migrants was the catalyst that saw us combine our talents, so we could help others transform their careers by presenting the best version of themselves. We've both been there and done that, so it seemed like the logical thing to do and share!

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support of the SuccessMasters dream over the years - it means the world to me. I now invite you all to stick around to see what the next part of the journey looks like.

Both Karen and I look forward to sharing this next exciting SuccessMasters adventure with you all. The journey continues....

Warm wishes and gratitude

Michele & Karen
SuccessMasters International Limited
Reinvent your Career. Build your Personal Brand.