Michele Nash

Michele Nash

SuccessMasters Founder, Coach, Mentor & Trainer

“In everything we do, we possess the desire for excellence. My mission is to inspire you to find tangible solutions to transform yourself into the person you want to be by helping you communicate better in every facet of your life.” - Michele Nash

Michele NashMichele has a blue-ribbon Coaching, Training, and Mentoring reputation that is well known in Australia, NZ, and overseas. With over 30 years in the business, Michele focuses on helping people communicate better in any business or personal situation.

Based in Brisbane Australia, Michele’s first passion is training and as far as trainers go, she’s up there with the best of them. Bullet proofed as an NLP & Coaching Trainer as well as a Master Coach by leading industry experts Drs. Tad & Adriana James from the world-famous Tad James Company, Michele’s skills become really evident as she weaves her magic inspiring and empowering people to excellence.

Her equal enthusiasm centers on Coaching and Mentoring. She is a powerful Coach and Mentor using a myriad of world best practice approaches to get her clients results and success. She focuses on showing people the importance of taking back their personal power in any business arena.

Michele specialises in effective communication through understanding behaviour. She is an expert at communications training & coaching, with emphasis on discovering and uncovering the potential of the individual for ultimate business success. She handles front line personnel to managing directors with ease and enthusiasm – her people skills are seriously exceptional and she works with natural passion and drive.

She expects your staff to be magnificent – she gets immediate results and thrives on seeing her clients reach heights they never dreamed they could. She focuses on producing productive people at every given moment and her engagement skills, whether online or face to face, are quite frankly second to none. Michele is equally comfortable working with several hundred people as she is with a small intimate group work or one on one.

Michele’s uniqueness is also in her dedication to you and your outcomes. Once a project has been approved, Michele gets fully immersed in your company values, history, culture, and your people. She endeavours to gain as much knowledge prior to beginning her work with you and demonstrates an uncanny ability to incorporate “company speak” and ideals throughout the SuccessMasters experience. People often believe she has been working in their environment for years!

Clients just love Michele’s natural excitement and unshakable enthusiasm for everything she does. Over the last few years, Michele has combined with Brisbane based Graphic Designer Heather Frank to also bring their very specialised and exciting Social Media Mentoring services to the SuccessMasters network.

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