Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Coaching is a highly effective and rapid means of releasing the hidden potential of people, helping them reach goals and objectives quickly.

Business Coaching with SuccessMastersSuccessMasters Business Coaching is all about rebuilding personal and professional behaviours and strategies. Like all coaching it’s a collaborative endeavour between coach & coachee to assist the latter to reach their goals in their context.

We use a variety of proven coaching techniques that are all geared towards achieving one thing – reprogramming the mind to achieve and replicate excellence.

Life is constantly changing, evolving and quite often we get stuck on that ‘roller coaster ride’ and lose track of our vision and goals. SuccessMasters will help you to set a clear direction so that you and your teams can start fulfilling your true potential.

The purpose of a Coach is to help you to overcome any challenges or obstacles that might be holding you back in your professional life. It’s about finding clarity, then taking action and approaching challenges from a new prospective. We support you to ensure that you are continuously progressing keep you focused and motivated.

SuccessMasters Business Coaching is a highly effective and rapid means of releasing the hidden potential of people, and helping you reach your goals and objectives more quickly than you ever thought possible.

Through our coaching, you can become that person who thinks differently!

Our Methodology is simple. In order to achieve lasting change, we will be working together for as long as it takes for you to be satisfied that the original issues you came to see us about are no longer affecting your success. It’s that simple!

We offer Phone, Online, or Face-to-face sessions at times to suit your work force and commitments regardless of where you are in the world. Credit cards or bank transfers welcome.


"Excellent! I personally derived a great deal from your seminar."

Bill Pentland

Southern Regional Manager, Nextra Australia, and former General Manager, Dixon Office Warehouse

"Michele, Thanks for everything!!! A short journey but an amazing one!!

I must say I was really dubious of this work at the beginning but looking at everything now I still can't believe that I don't feel the emotions that we smashed out..., Crazy but great!

I feel a real sense of freedom, like I have taken my life back. Look forward to working with you again in the very near future. I keep thinking it's like some king of pill and it's going to wear off but I have faith strength courage and belief that I can do anything and for this I thank you"

John Pulitano

Director, Headcase Hair

"Michele delivered Absolutely Remarkable Service at Club Berowra to all of our staff. Michele is a great trainer and motivator who focuses clearly on creating a great culture and team and creating valuable moments (strawberries) for our customers. Thanks Michele! This is my strawberry to you!"

Nicole Rothwell

former CEO Club Berowra NSW

Michele has changed my life. Have had multiple sessions & in all areas of my life I have noticed a massive change. Couldn’t be happier or recommend more highly.

Rachel Montgomery

International Make Up Artist

Michele is an insightful analyst and coach and a persuasive presenter who succeeds by enabling people to understand themselves and motivating them to develop their performance and effectiveness.

Malcolm Anderson

Organisational Performance, Development, and Change Strategist

"Michele - You are a true professional... You were fun to watch and to listen to. The world of training could do with more people like you".

Liz Travers

General Electric

Executive Mentoring wasn’t something that I ever expected I’d partake in however, it is one of the best things that I have ever done in the last 12 months. Michele has been absolutely amazing and professional in making sure that I get the absolute most out of every session and kicking my butt when needed. I can’t recommend Michele enough to anyone that wants to do executive mentoring for either personal or professional reasons (or both). Sometimes you just have to take a leap and realise that you have to change or nothing else will.

Emma Grabowski

Rainforest Oils, Kuranda North Qld