Donovan StenderDonovan’s professionalism and adherence to a high standard of service delivery have led to his solid background as a consultant, coach and people-leader in the client services industry.

Having managed a time-critical, complaints team for one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies, Telstra Business, his strengths include working autonomously, time-management, and leading by example. Also favouring a client-centric approach and being prepared to adapt to novel situations means he is always open to new methods in the pursuit of how best to assist the end-user.

During his tenure with Telstra Business he received the Quarterly Achievement Awards twice, bestowed only upon the highest achievers of excellence in the 200+ members of the service centre, & reflecting his HR review of Exceeds Expectations in both service delivery & people leading.

He next moved overseas to work for Aeon Central Japan Corporation, developing group-based lesson plans. Donovan specialised in Business English for Corporate Situations which he delivered at the participants’ places of work.

Since returning to Australia, Donovan has begun his own business, A Turn Up For The Books, writing copy for social media.  After recently completing study in communications and media as well as business management, Donovan’s skills have grown to include social media marketing and copywriting, receiving the 2015 Best Author Award for his volunteer work on blogs for the Save Resources environmental website.

His ongoing aim is to take a stakeholder-centric approach for his clients by providing them with quality content that delivers a meaningful message.

It is no wonder that Donovan’s favourite phrase is ‘a turn up for the books’ – a saying reminding one that no matter how dour a situation, there is always the potential for an unexpected piece of good fortune!

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Phone: +61 450 317 859  

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