Introducing Executive Mentor – Robyn Wilson

Robyn WilsonA skilled NLP Trainer and NLP Master Coach, Robyn now concentrates on the Business Intelligence arena to work exclusively with NLP Trainers, Master Practitioners and Practitioners assisting them to package their newly emerging NLP based business or existing business.

Robyn has been a teacher, trainer and assessor in business, education, hospitality & design. She has worked with some of Australia's largest education and training organisations training 1000's of students and corporate business leaders to achieve outstanding results and is currently working globally with clients in rewriting business success in the business community.

Her mission as an Executive Mentor is to create inspired, successful transformational businesses and business leaders who want to make their mark globally, transforming themselves and others through their positive, empowering influence.

Success Stories

Rex Chung, Hong Kong, 35, Business Owner at Hyral Consultancy Company

"Robyn's gentle nature and passion for what she does was evident the entire time she worked with me. I felt I had her 100% commitment. I felt supported and cared for. Her knowledge and skills filled me with a lot of confidence in her practices. Boom!! She's a real got getter this one. I have no hesitation in recommending her for powerful NLP and coaching sessions which will get you the results you’re after." Benjamin, 30, Prahran. Clinical Nurse Specialist. 

When I was studying the NLP Trainers Training with Robyn in Sydney, I learned a lot from her. She was always positive, energetic and hardworking. Robyn has a high level of attention all the time and her work is really fantastic. Her training style is excellent, especially the tone and variety of voice. I enjoyed Robyn’s presentations very very much and I really loved her metaphors. I remember a time that we were struggling with the format of the presentation and all of us were very confused. After incorporating the different feedback from the coaching assistants, Robyn reflected the changes immediately and showed me a great piece of work. I can see her passion in the work and willingness to improve all the time. She can handle tons of things at the same time and all of her work has good quality. I have to say thank you to you, because you are really a remarkable master that I have to model. Thank you Robyn"

Ellen Leigh , Business Owner, Sunshine Coast

"Before getting coaching work from Robyn I was cranky, irritable wallowing in my own self-pity. After a few weeks of coaching I began to open up to the opportunities of change that would enliven my life. By stepping into these opportunities that I was attracting into my life, I was able to move into my business & personal life with excitement & eager anticipation. It’s been such a wonder to see that new beginnings really are just waiting around the corner & that it is just a matter of awakening the inner you. 

Thanks Robyn"

Janice Appleton

"I highly commend Robyn as she is a Leader & Mentor. Her ability is confident and congruent. I had the privilege as a team player whilst in the NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer Course, to work together in 2014. I found her pragmatic style and concise knowledge to be excellent. She displays skills as an educator & helps others to transform. I highly commend as she works in a state of excellence."

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