Social Media Mentoring

Social Media Mentoring

We all communicate with others on a daily basis and Social Media has increased our communication platform across the globe.

Organisations today are more often than not, referring to a potential employee’s social media links, to get a clearer picture of that person and whether they are a fit for their teams and their work culture.

So, the question we all need to be asking now is HOW do we communicate our message in this tricky arena and what results are we getting as a consequence of that communication?

Clear communication is vital

With so much visual clutter being thrust upon us every day, a business needs to stand out and be seen. Your message must be clearly communicated to your audience so there is no misunderstanding what you offer. Looks and content must respond harmoniously to suit the receiver and ensure results for the sender.

That’s where SuccessMasters comes in. Through our Social Media Mentoring Service, we get your message out there.

Our unique service provides social media mentoring, advice, and direction to help you learn as well as develop your own insights to achieve your personal and company’s social media marketing goals.

Our team

Michele Nash and Heather Frank - social media mentorsWe also “do it all for you”. Our service offers creative writing for posts that attract engagement, truly talented graphic design to make your product or service “pop” plus true organic reach, customised posts with real relevance to your target audience, and getting traffic to your website resulting in sales in your pocket.

We set you up for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, & Twitter including consistency of brand presentation with beautifully designed cover and profile images. Our creative posting is accompanied by stunning and unique branded images.

Unlike many of companies out there, SuccessMasters is all about increasing your profile and brand through authentic, organic social media connections. With an extensive background in television and radio, Principal Michele Nash is no stranger to the world of on-air media and production, Press releases, PR, marketing, and social media networking.

Working exclusively with Graphic Designer extraordinaire, Heather Frank, our work is tastefully complemented by her beautiful images and sensational logos. She is the creative arm of SuccessMasters Media Mentoring service and has 20 plus years expertise to share. With each client requiring a unique online and print presence, Heather creates beautiful artwork that stands out from the competition, giving your business the professional touch required to get your product or service seen.

Our Services

Michele & Heather’s Social Media Mentor services include:

  • Creative writing for posts that attract engagement & true organic reach
  • Customised posts with real relevance to your target audience
  • Getting traffic to your website and sales in your pocket
  • Setup for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, & Twitter including consistency of brand presentation with beautifully designed cover and profile images provided through Frank Design
  • Weekly, targeted personalised posting at a minimum using images supplied by you or designed through Frank Design
  • Researching relevant Facebook target groups for membership to increase your reach and frequency
  • Work with your teams sharing ideas, insights, and strategies that will deliver results going forward
  • Monthly packages to suit your budget

Success stories

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