A Quick Overview

As a long time Distributor for the TTI Success Insights suite of tools, SuccessMasters is uniquely positioned to help take your understanding and ability to assess yourself and your people to a whole new level.  

The TTI Success Insights Suite looks at five sciences of performance and provide assessments to measure each of them. 

  1. The Science of Behaviour – HOW we behave and communicate, measured using the world famous DISC Profile.
  2. The Science of Motivation – WHY we move into action, measured using the Workplace Motivators Profile.
  3. The Science of Personal Skills – WHICH personal skills we have mastered and to what level, measured using the TTI DNA Profile.
  4. The Science of Acumen/Decision Making – WHAT personal talents we have at our disposal, measured using the Hartman Value Profile.
  5. The Science of Emotional Intelligence – DO we have and use Emotional Intelligence, measured using the TTI Emotional Quotient Profile.

From an Organisation Development perspective it is a huge advantage to have multiple assessments at your disposal. It means you will have a battery of tools to choose form depending on what you would like to measure and how you would like to use them. 

At SuccessMasters we primarily focus on and use the Talent Insights Double Science approach – all the other Sciences are available on request




Talent insights

Talent Insights was developed as the world’s first multi-science assessment. It is unique in the market because it combines the power of TTISI’s world famous DISC and Motivators assessments into a single, integrated report, blending feedback from both tools. If you are already using DISC, upgrading to the more powerful Talent Insights is a must!

The Talent Insights is a powerful assessment combining two sciences, helping you to explore two key areas of performance:

  • HOW we behave and communicate — using the world famous DISC assessment
  • WHY we move into action — using the simple yet powerful Workplace Motivators assessment



DISC assessment

Core motivators



When using a traditional single-dimensional assessment, we can miss (or have to assume) so much about what makes a person who they are. With a multi-science assessment, such as Talent Insights, we have more places to look for answers and a more complete framework to help people understand themselves and others.

With this combination, we can understand how two people with a very similar "high D" style can appear so different — it's because their motivators colour how their behaviours manifest. For instance, when someone has a strong "Social" motivator combined with a "high D", the social motivator (a drive to help others and remove conflict) tends to soften some of the D style's characteristics. The multi-science approach produces more meaningful and useful feedback for you and your team.

This powerful combination produces a 35+ page report that covers 3 sections: Behaviours, Motivators, as well as an integrated section combining Behavioural and Motivational feedback. With this unique and powerful blend, your recruitment, management and development activities will be well supported by research-based, validated, and most importantly easy-to-apply assessments.

With our Multi-Science Assessments we also offer you the following

  • online access and immediate delivery
  • available in 20 languages
  • volume discounts offered
  • Selected post profile action documents
  • Australian and NZ normed data
  • Multi-dimensional view of people
  • Offer 6 in one tools Accreditation in 3 Sciences – DISC, Motivators, and EQ in Australia and NZ



The DISC and WPMOT models are both wonderfully versatile tools. The Talent Insights profile is commonly used in the following functions:

As well as:

  • Competency Framework/Development
  • Engagement/Empowerment
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Outplacement
  • Culture/Transformation
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Family & Relationship Coaching
  • Career Planning

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